Three Things I Must Process this Week

Normally I am absolutely against posts that list X, Y or Z but I have noticed two things. First of all, these posts tend to get a lot of attention. Seriously, there are so many that authors need to distinguish their numbered lists from the others. So  now, it’s not unusual to see “11 Things I Love about X” rather than the typical 10 or “23 Must Have Zs” because we all know you can’t live with one less and one more would simply be two dozen.

More importantly I’ve noticed that the authors of such posts seem to be writing regularly.  My friend Becky writes a post called Tuesday Ten as a regular part of her blog and I look forward to it.  No matter how busy her week is, she will make time to reflect and pull together her Tuesday Ten. I still struggle with posting on a monthly basis much less weekly, so I decided to give myself a list of Three Things I Must Process this Week.

My goal is that over the weekend, I will determine three ideas that have been a part of my work that past week and put them out there in the blogosphere as my to do list of sorts. This is ambitious to say the least. After all, to go from sporadically blogging to writing 4 posts a week is pretty much like dragging your limp body off the couch and to the start line of a 5K, but that’s a separate to do list and we won’t go there for the moment.

So here are three things I caught myself thinking about repeatedly over my last week of vacation. (Did I mention that I was “off” this week and that free time may have something to do with this crazy idea?)

1.  A number of districts across Indiana are preparing to roll out new 1:1 initiatives this school year. Where do they begin in terms of  teaching digital citizenship? When I have one hour to present to a group of educators, what do they absolutely need to walk away with?

2. We know teachers need to model connected learning. Essentially, when we are looking at the third NETS for Teachers, what are some opening activities or experiences teachers can incorporate into back-to-school communications? Coincidentally, this could be a nice bridge to the #INeLearn Twitter Chat topic for the evening of the 25th.

3. How can I better engage/connect educators with the resources I’m curating on Pinterest? Beyond that, how can I promote commenting and the exchange of ideas around pins? I’ve got a Google Hangout planned with some of my #maltrocks (Pepperdine University’s Masters of Learning Technology) alum to talk shop around our use of social media, so I’m really looking forward to Monday evening.

Okay, there they are. Three things I will process this week with the intention of blogging about each.