Happy New Year

As a teacher, this new year always felt a bit rushed. After all, it happens overnight. Smashed right in the middle of the 12 Days of Christmas, this gift of a fresh beginning is almost immediately followed with a return to the classroom.

In these final hours (and for the lucky ones…days) of winter break, we do well to reorganize and realign our personal spaces and priorities as needed. I know my kitchen cabinets and children’s closets are getting some special attention later today. I’m also reserving time to enjoy a video with the family. Who could watch Saving Mr. Banks and not want to revisit Mary Poppins?

While the rest of the world moves past last year’s unfinished resolutions to start afresh, as educators we know our year is only half begun. It is time to take a longer look at where we started just a few short months ago and reflect on what it will take to engage and encourage our learners to finish their school year with a sense of personal accomplishment.