What Was It Like?

Now here’s a question I’ve gotten a lot since the Google Teacher Academy. The answer-AMAZING!

Yesterday, I told you that I learned what it feels like to be uncomfortable. Let me clarify that the people were not a factor in that. From start to the finish, my cohort revealed talents, connected over challenges, and were all around awesome.

Tara, @TechTeacherT, arrives for day one with homemade Google inspired fruit tarts for everyone.
On our last night, Melinda, @melindamlarson, shares her hotel cookies with the County Inn crew, who lacked such amenities.











Need I say that this was a group that thinks alike in many ways? Clearly, we all shared a common love, yet each member brought a unique perspective and experiences to enrich the community.

Chromies Simon, @LeadEdTech, and Mark, @markrounds5.
Photo credit to Lead Learner Danny Silva, @iteachag.
GTA Mountain View | Photo credit to Lead Learner Danny Silva, @iteachag.










I should also mention that the Googleplex itself was amazing. We arrived early on the first day and those that could, lingered on the last day. The Googlers tolerated us invading their unbelievable stocked kitchenettes and restrooms with heated toilet seats. It was like we had entered a new world. And in a sense we had. There will be a future post on simple ideas that could make a big impact on how teachers and students feel at school based on what I saw at the Googleplex.

We knew the doors wouldn’t open until 8 a.m., but we just had to be there early! As we snapped pictures and speculated, it was easy to draw connections to the first day of school.
photo 4 (6)
Several of us developed an obsession with the Google bicycles that filled the campus.












And then suddenly it was time for us to return the favor, to apply all that we had received, to our work back home. We were leaving with new tools, new challenges and more importantly a new community. We were officially Google Certified Teachers!

With my carpool friends, Natalie, @TeachNV, and Caren, @Carenmac. Not only did Caren graciously shuttle us around Mountain View, she planned a wonderful socializer the night before GTAMTV.
With my New Jersey carpool friends, Natalie, @TeachNV, and Caren, @Carenmac. Not only did Caren graciously shuttle us around Mountain View, she coordinated a wonderful socializer for the cohort the night before GTAMTV.






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