Join Me in the #NaBloPoMo Challenge

Nearly 2 1/2 years ago, I decided to dump the free domain and commit to for my grad work around developing digital citizens. I think a piece of me rationalized that if I was paying for the space that I would be committed to it and blog regularly. Sadly, that tested out to be much like my gym membership. The difference is that I renewed my domain and I’m not willing to give up on the idea of being a disciplined blogger. (I’ll work on being a disciplined runner later.)

One thing that always motivates me is a challenge. So when I saw GTAMTV cohort member Julie Kelley post in Google+ that she was taking part in #NaBloPoMo and would be blogging everyday in November, I followed the link to see what she was up to. Not only is Julie a Google Certified Teacher, she is also a Google Certified Trainer. She is using the challenge to launch her Try Tech Tuesdays. In addition to supporting tech trainings in her school district, Julie is a full-time middle school music teacher. Check out her blog

As far as I can tell from the over 800 bloggers listed on the #NaBloPoMo blogroll, Julie and I are the only edtechies. So, we thought it would be fun to get a blogroll going for us edtech blogger types. Now, if there is already a list out there somewhere, do let me know! In the meantime, I am sharing this Google Sheet where we can start connecting and supporting each other. I’m excited for what November holds! I hope you join us!


Learn more about the challenge by clicking here!