Relevance Over Time

Yesterday I had lunch with my director. We talked about projects and upcoming events. Somehow the conversation got around to keynote speakers. Since moving out of the classroom and into the technology integration support role more than five years ago, I have been fortunate to hear a number of amazing messages delivered by innovators from around the world. But when the name David Warlick came up, I had to smile. Warlick keynoted the eLearning Revolution in 2010, which fell at the completion of my first year as an elearning coach. I was primed for his messages that July morning. What still stands out to me was the concept of the networked (now connected) learner.

If you are not following Warlick on Twitter I encourage you to add him. At the very least visit his blog

In education there is always talk of fads. Some educators dismiss initiatives because they assume something will replace them in a matter of months. David Warlick’s message that our perception of literacy and learning needs to change remains relevant. Check him out.

Tomorrow, I will share my musing on 5 Educational Buzzwords That Are Losing Their Buzz.