My favorite acronym from the Summer of ’14: GEG

Early last summer, Google for Education launched GEGs for everyone. GEG, Google Educator Groups, are public communities within Google+. These independent forums are not run by Google, but more often than not, you will find members of the Google Education team in the members roster. I moderate GEG Indiana, and we have our Google for Education team members Mike and James in the group; as well as Jordan who oversees the US GEGs. It’s not because they can share the newest and the greatest reveal, because they don’t…passionate educator members tend to beat them to that. What these three do for us is verify and clarify as needed. Here’s a perfect example:
Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 5.24.28 AMNow, I’ve seen the same resource being shared all across Twitter and Google+, but my GEG Indiana members now know the real intent of the course and can be on the watch for the 2015 MOOC, which will be aligned with the functions and services available to North American GAFE users.

Participating in a GEG comes down to building connections. We plan both virtual and face-to-face activities. Because we are a Google+ Community, we can create events, have Hangouts, and pretty much do whatever we dream up. Anyone who is interested in learning what we can do with Google or educational technology in general can join a GEG.

You can find a descriptive list of what GEGs are and are not here, so I won’t go over the basics. Since I am at the Kentucky Google Summit this weekend, I’ve listed some of the regional GEGs for you. You can also zoom in using the world map to see where your local GEG is.

GEG Kentucky
GEG Indiana
GEG Ohio
GEG Northeast Ohio
GEG Tennessee – not yet established. Does this make you wonder how a GEG gets started? Here’s how.


Are you bumScreen Shot 2014-11-09 at 6.01.12 AMmed because you couldn’t be at the summit this weekend? No worries. In a few months, there will be another opportunity just to the north in Franklin, Indiana. Guess where the announcement was made?