Videos that Make Us Feel Something

Today’s EdTech GAFE Summit keynotes included several inspirational videos. Seeing others’ reactions as they watched these for the first time was a reminder of how powerful the videos were when I first saw them.

One keynote speaker that I’ve seen a number of times thanks to the Summer of eLearning is George Couros. He never disappoints when it comes to getting the audience to feel something. You are either laughing, crying, or both for most of his talks. He has a cache of videos that help convey his message, and I recognized a couple of his picks this afternoon.

One of my favorite videos from Couros’ keynotes is “Girl’s First Ski Jump.” There are a few messages you can pull from this short video. I tend to focus on “the longer you delay trying something new, the scarier it becomes.” I’d love to hear what you take from it.

Videos are a powerful way to connect your learners to an idea. One of my personal favorites as I’m talking with planning teams and new technology integration coaches is this one from the VW Fast Lane campaign. It’s great for leading a conversation about taking risks and the different approaches people take when confronted with change. I hope you enjoy it!