It’s time to Speak Up

I SU_promo_badgeearned this badge today and I decided to proudly display it. More importantly, I found myself needing to explain why my participation, and yours, is critical.

On Project Tomorrow’s website, you can learn about the Speak Up Survey, which has three primary objectives:

  1. To provide a means for local schools and districts to easily and effectively listen to and act upon the ideas of their stakeholders (not just the faculty and staff, but students, parents and community members).
  2. To provide a conduit for the voices of education stakeholders, most notably students, to inform national and/or state/provincial policies and programs.
  3. To stimulate new local discussions around the use of technology within education.

Schools, districts and state DOE’s that decide to participate in the Speak Up survey can receive a copy of their aggregated data from Project Tomorrow with state and national comparisons in the spring. Since early in the 21st century, 2003 to be exact, educators from over 30,000 schools have used the Speak Up data to create and implement their vision for digital learning.

All collected data (which remains confidential) is used to create US national reports that are released in a series of Congressional Briefings and presented to various policy and education organizations. In fact, a number of organizations, SETDA, NSBA, CoSN, ISTE, iNACOL, NSDL are recognized as champion outreach partners. And this is why our participation is so vital. These organizations are our voice in so many educational issues. They are dispelling myths about digital learning. They are researching best practices around technology integration. They are spotlighting models of sustainability. They are our partners in being Future Ready. And our students deserve to be Future Ready.

I urge you to TAKE THE SURVEY then share your badge with an invitation to your circle of friends, flock of followers, and others in your various learning networks! We don’t need to agree on every point, but we do need to hear more voices.