Sweet Savings with Honey

I learned about the Chrome extension, Honey, when Brooke Whitlow slammed it at the KY Google Summit. And while the Demo Slam win did not go to Brooke, I thought her share might be useful, so I pulled up the Chrome store and added it. Little did I realize how valuable it would become.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 5.44.26 PMWith Cyber Monday upon us, I would be remiss in not sharing this slam that has become my personal winner. Honey saves me the trouble of finding coupons and sales codes at checkout when online shopping. The Honey icon sits alongside my other go-to extensions, but it differs in that it tells me when it’s ready to work. Honey is compatible with 100s of online shopping sites. (I’ve saved on Macy’s, Kohl’s and Amazon this week.) When I open a supported site, the normally grey icon turns gold and I can search for and apply savings with a simple click.

Now, there have been a few times that my honeypot has turned golden, yet yielded no more than a witty message to break the news that no codes were found. But this week, I found some serious deals with practically zero effort. What you’re looking at here is the savings I got on my daughter’s birthday present purchased through Amazon. The total equated to about 25% savings that I was completely unaware of prior to activating “Show Savings.”

You should check it out yourself. Learn more here and set your mind to ease about safety by checking out this post from Tech Republic.