New Beginnings: Remember

Here we are at the beginning of the fourth week in 2018. The #ICEindiana edtech resolutions challenge continues, and this week’s prompt is “I will remember….” 

There couldn’t be a better word choice at this point in the new year. With a few weeks of routine behind us, it is easy to let the fresh outlook start to slip. Now is the time to remember. For a quick summary of what I’ve resolved to do this year:

I will try to revive my blogging habits and our INeLearn blogger community.
I will share the secret things so that others can improve their edtech efforts.
I will encourage applying a premortem when developing new projects.

And now I need to remember that this is not about adding new things to my professional life. These edtech resolutions are really about picking a behavior I do well (or did well for a while there) and getting a little better at it. I don’t need to tell you that educators have enough on their plate already; that we don’t need to pile on new things. But I do think we can be guilty of inadvertently doing that to ourselves.

Take Twitter for example. I’ve gone through most of the cycles of a connected educator. First, there was falling in love with a new tool and using it at edtech conferences, only to return home and realize a year later that I’d forgotten my login info. Then there was a snow day lost to my first #edchat (yes a whole day back in 2010) to whole weekends lost between #satchat and #sunchat. For the last few years, I’ve settled into a routine set of chats, irregular check-ins, and sharing by extensions. It’s a happy medium to be certain, but I could be better at deliberately curating a couple of the hashtags that have been neglected…particularly #HSDLead and #GEGindiana. (Something tells me that #ICEindiana is off to a strong 2018.)

This year I will remember to include hashtags that support collaboration and excitement around work that really matters to me. #INeLearn will always be on the top of my list, but more specifically, I will remember to seek resources and stories to share with #HSDLead and #GEGindiana.

Hmm, after glancing at those streams, I will also remember to ask YOU to share there too! Happy fourth Monday in 2018!