… Michelle R. Green

MGIt is my mission to help others realize that they do not have to accept things as they are or have always been. Technology opens a whole new realm of possibilities for transforming our students’ learning experience.  Of course it also brings a unique set of challenges. Being an educator means that I am a learner, so it’s no surprise I love the discovery process. It was that sense of inquiry that led me to explore with technology in the classroom and resulted in me transitioning into a support role-first as a building coach, then at the district level, and now for the state. I am passionate about supporting teachers as they venture into the unknown for the first time.

Personal Tidbits

Mother of 2
Cup Half Full

… Developing Digital Citizens, an action research project

As a graduate student in Pepperdine’s Masters of Arts in Learning Technologies (MALT) program, I documented the action research process that makes up one third of the program.  Action research transformed my professional practice from being based on simple rhetoric to being rich in knowledge and experience. You can learn about my research under Developing Digital Citizens.