Method/Action Cycle Reports

The initial goal of my action research was to promote student leaders across the school corporation who could model digital citizenship and the use of technology to enhance learning.  As I completed the first two cycles, I realized that other stakeholders in the 1:1 schools needed to be more actively engaged in the process of modeling digital responsibilities.  I revised my third cycle to reflect that. For each cycle I have prepared a report sharing the cycle research question, the evidence used to evaluate the action, the evaluation and a reflection. The comprehensive report can be read here.

2 thoughts on “Method/Action Cycle Reports

  1. Hi Michelle,
    I’m just a primary school teacher in NSW, Australia who is undertaking further studies to become a Teacher-Librarian (doing a Masters in Teacher Librarian). I have found lots of great articles on Digital Citizenship, but very few that contain evidence-based research. I’m interested in reading your report and also if you were able to point me in the direction of anyone else who has conducted research in this area.
    Thanks kindly,
    Samantha Ellis

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