Why Parenting Digital Leaders

girlphoneWhen we began talking about students and online behavior early in the 21st century, the focus was on restricting access to reduce risks inherent with being on the internet. In schools, computer labs were where our children had access. Any URL categorized as social media was blocked and that included blogs and YouTube. Most communication took place in walled-gardens called learning management systems or were not accessible outside the school’s domain. When students published their work, they were simply hitting the Print button. Seventeen years into the 21st century, we are doing our children a disservice if we are not shifting the conversation. The capacity of the device in their pocket exceeds that of the best desktop in the labs of years past. And our children’s access to the world via their phones is virtually unlimited.

Parenting Digital Leaders is about creating boundaries, monitoring activity, and more importantly providing support. Michelle helps define ways parents can do all three of those things, and ultimately prepares you for raising a digital leader. It’s not so simple as to warn our children about the consequences of negative online behavior. Michelle’s vision is to for parents to learn the potential of the devices in their students’ hands and the power of creating a positive digital identity that will serve them well beyond school days. Working together, we can support our children in the digital world so that their digital footprint leads to an identity you and they can be proud of.

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