Meet Michelle

Why Is Michelle Passionate about Digital Parenting?

A Snapshot

Michelle Green is the mother of two girls. Michelle confesses that there is a disparateness between the kind of parenting the girls received. Even though her daughters are only six years apart in age, they are born in different centuries. That gap, in terms of technology and accessibility, was huge. And it continues to grow expediently each year. With her younger daughter in high school, Michelle is determined for her to build a digital identity that can be found by strangers—or more specifically, by college admission officers, scholarship selection committees, and future employers.

The Big Picture

Twenty years ago, when Michelle taught her first class of high school seniors, there were no discussions about digital portfolios—much less digital footprints. A polished college essay, a brief resume to accompany letter of recommendation requests, and face-to-face interview skills summed up the authentic needs of her students. The same can not be said of today’s seniors.

Since 2009, Michelle has supported educators with the integration of technology in the classroom. When she transitioned from a teaching position to a coaching role, Michelle pulled from her previous experience as a classroom educator in both traditional and online secondary school settings to help teachers transform their instructional practices. But it quickly became clear that in the connected classroom, a setting where every student has a device connected to the internet, there was a need for new citizenship lessons. Michelle returned to the role of learner in order to address the problems she was seeing in and out of the classroom. She completed her Masters in Learning Technologies through Pepperdine University. As part of that process, she engaged in a year of action research focused on Developing Digital Citizens.

For the last several years, Michelle’s work has been at the state level-facilitating change in school systems. One essential component that has been missing is the home connection. Having always been passionate about empowering parents as advocates for their child’s learning experience, Michelle is excited to begin sharing ways parents can foster digital leadership in their children that will result in positive digital identities that will serve them well beyond school days.

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